DecisionPoint™: Business Rules Management

What is DecisionPoint™?

DecisionPoint™ (patent pending) is an online analysis, collaboration & review system for developing S1000D Business Rules. If your organization has decided to use S1000D and is working to develop business rules then you should consider DecisionPoint™. It provides the best way to define S1000D Business Rules.

Where does DecisionPoint™ fit in the S1000D process?

DecisionPoint™ is used to define, store & manage business rules. It is utilized after setup is complete and ideally prior to CSDB Selection.

s1000d process cycle

How are Business Rules developed?

Business Rule development poses significant challenges:

  • Large number of decision points
  • Significant collaboration required between stakeholders and subject matter experts (SMEs)
  • Historically, business rule development has taken years to complete
  • Difficulty magnified by geographically disparate personnel

Why should I use Decision Point™?

  • Workflow is integrated into DecisionPoint™.
  • Statuses are tracked throughout the business rule life cycle.
Without DecisionPoint™
DecisionPoint™ Solution
Information Management
  • Typically business rule decisions are stored in spreadsheets that get emailed back and forth between stakeholders and SMEs.
  • Inconsistencies, frustration, and multiple versions of the truth.
  • Centralized information storage – there is one version of the information and there is accurate record keeping
  • Audit trail – history of changes made to each Decision Point is tracked and easily accessible
  • Manual Process
  • Single-source publishing of business rules in HTML, Word and XML
Progress Tracking
  • Manual Process
  • Dashboard Report – shows the total number of decision points, the number and % of decision points in each workflow process.
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Manual Process
  • Workflow is integrated into DecisionPoint™. Statuses are tracked throughout the business rule life cycle.
  • Stakeholders meet on a regular basis either in person or via teleconference
  • Meetings last approximately 4 hours per week
  • DecisionPoint™ provides a web-based means for viewing and editing of business rules.
BREX Generation
  • None
  • BREX Data Modules are generated via the BREX report.
  • Manual process
The ability to search easily and effectively saves a tremendous amount of time. The search methods provided are:
  • Filtering – Decision Points can be filtered by:

  • Chapter
  • Workflow status
  • Category
  • User assigned to

  • Keyword search – search for keywords within Decision Points.
  • Can take a year or longer
  • Rapidly develop business rules in approximately 90 days
  • Significant costs are incurred from travel, payroll & consulting fees
  • Increased profits are realized from accelerated ability to go to market and accurate information management.
  • Savings result from avoiding payroll & travel expenses.
  • Savings result from avoiding IT costs.