BREXCheck™ : S1000D Business Rule Validator

What is BREXCheck™?

BREXCheck is a software application that provides BREX Data Module validation. It is used to programmatically validate S1000D Data Modules according to the BREX rules defined in a BREX DM. BREXCheck can work independantly, or in tandem with DecisionPoint™. DecisionPoint™ is Crowell Solutions’ BREX DM generator and business rules authoring application.

Note: BREX DM is an acronym for Business Rules EXchange Data Module

How are S1000D Data Modules validated?

BREXCheck is used in real-time mode during authoring and in post-edit mode to validate a set of data modules:

  • Real-time – BREXCheck allows for real-time BREX validation while creating S1000D content. It can work in the XML editor of your choice, including RocketSled™. Technical authors and content creators author their S1000D data modules normally. BREXCheck operates in the background. If the author attempts to enter an element that is prohibited, or an invalid attribute value, BREXCheck will offer an alert notification.
  • Post edit – BREXCheck can be used to provide a Quality Assurance check prior to finalizing a data module publication. This is done via a Windows UI that allows you to select a BREX DM and set of Data Modules. The Data Modules are then validated against the BREX DM.

Where does BREXCheck™ fit in the S1000D process?

BREXCheck™ is used in real-time mode to identify BREX violations during content authoring.  It is also used prior to publication to ensure that your data modules conform the business rules defined in the program’s BREX.
s1000d business rules process cycle

Why should I use BREXCheck™?

Using BREXCheck ensures the adherence of technical documentation to the set of business rules defined by a program. Violations are flagged, identifying the data module, XML element and the business rule where the violation occurred. It accelerates content creation and improves the S1000D authoring process by reducing QA cycles.

  • S1000D requires an additional layer of data validation beyond traditional schema validation.
  • This layer of validation is enforced via an S1000D BREX (Business Rules eXchange) document.
  • BREXCheck can accomplish BREX validation during authoring, as part of a repository scan (as part of a QA process), or both
  • Enhanced BREXCheck can check all rules in a layered business rule environment.

Without BREXCheck™
BREXCheck™ Solution
Real-Time Validation
  • Manual processes
  • Hope and pray
  • Alert notification of any errors
  • Programmatic business rule enforcement
  • Time savings resulting from reduced QA cycles
Post-Edit Validation
  • Manual processes
  • Hope and pray
  • Programmatically enforced
  • Assurance that Data Modules adhere to BREX DMQA processes are improved
  • Any violations are reported in detail, including: Rule that was violated, DM where violation occurred, element containing the violation and a description of the violation
  • Improved accuracy