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Decision Point™ (patent pending) is an online analysis, collaboration & review system for developing S1000D Business Rules and generating your subsequent BREX document. If your organization has decided to use S1000D and is working to develop business rules then you should consider Decision Point™. It provides the best way to define S1000D Business Rules for your organization and quickly develop and deploy a BREX document.

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Capstone is the ONLY S1000D productivity suite with industry-leading DecisionPoint™ rules creation software.

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Validate Data Modules With Confidence

BREXCheck™ is a software application that provides BREX Data Module validation. It is used to programmatically validate S1000D Data Modules according to the BREX rules defined in a BREX DM. BREXCheck can work independantly, or in tandem with DecisionPoint™.

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Use BREXCheck™ Independently or In Tandem with DECISIONPOINT™


S1000D Architect™

Collaborate & Share Updates With Ease

S1000D Architect™ is a web-based application that takes the mystery out of creating an Standard Numbering System (SNS) and Data Module Requirements List (DMRL). Architect makes it easy to collaborate between tech pubs, engineering, partners, vendors and subcontractors. It provides management-level view of every Data Module required by a program, even before the Data Modules have been created, from setup to sustainment. Architect generates stub data modules from your DMRL.

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Use S1000D Architect™ In Your Web Browser or Install It On Your Own Server

Capstone S1000D CSDB



S1000D Data Modules Repository

The CSDB is the backbone of an S1000D System. The database that contains all S1000D Data Modules is called the Common Source Data Base (CSDB). The CSDB manages data modules so that information is not duplicated, relationships are maintained, and version control is applied to content.

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Use CSDB to Manage the Data Modules at the Very Core of Your S1000D System.


Applicability Manager

Author & Manage S1000D Applicability Rules

With the advent of the S1000D applicability model, creating, maintaining, and delivering content with applicability has become significantly more complex. Applicability Manager empowers your team to design the best model possible, maintain the model over time, and facilitates effective data delivery to customers.

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Use Applicability Manager to Empower Your Team and Facilitate Effective Data Delivery to Your Customers

Capstone™ S1000D Publication Manager


Publication Manager

Publish Data Modules Based on Applicability.

The Publication Manager is used to build electronic deliveries of S1000D Data Modules to customers. It builds full S1000D export packages. The Publication provides deliveries based on applicability rules. Data Modules may be published to all customers, individual customers, or a subset of customers.

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Use Publication Manager to Build Electronic Deliveries of Your S1000D Data Modules


Capstone™ Suite

Seamless Integration Across Your S1000D Enterprise

Capstone™ allows you to manage your entire S1000D program from end to end with a complete suite of productivity tools. Each of the products in the Capstone™ Suite can stand alone, or add value as an integrated set of tools.

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By maintaining S1000D Business Rules in a spreadsheet or word processing file, business rules and the BREX are disconnected from each other. This results in the additional task of having to create a BREX from scratch and developing a manual process to insure that your Business Rules and BREX rules are always in sync.

This whitepaper explains the problem and provides a solution.